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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Judgment qualifies for collection?

The majority of existing Judgments qualify for collection depending on the state’s statue of limitations or if there is any existing bankruptcy filed by the Judgment debtor.

How long will it take?

No two cases are the same, but typically it takes about 60-90 days.

What kind of assets can you seize?

We can seize bank accounts and place liens on real estate and personal property. We can even seize a debtor’s rental deposit.

What are your fees for this service?

Our fees are based solely on a contingency basis. Nothing will ever come out of your pocket. We pay for all the skip tracing and filing fees up front, then deduct them from any amount collected before taking the companies percentage. After collection, we’ll file a form at the courthouse which will increase the Judgment by the amount of any fees we’ve incurred so that you will get an accurate percentage of the Judgment award. Our fee is a percentage of any money we recover during the time the Judgment is assigned to us and based on a sliding scale relevant to the age of the Judgment.

What if you can’t find any assets belonging to the debtor?

If there are no assets available we can attempt to contact the debtor and negotiate a monthly payment. If that doesn’t work then we will check on the debtor again after six months or sooner and see if the situation has improved any.

How will I know how you are doing?

We can send you a monthly update to notify you of any action or progress concerning your case.

How will you locate the debtor?

We have the ability to pull a consumer credit report on the debtor, and often all of the necessary information required to locate the debtor and their assets will be contained there. If not, then we can access public records to attempt to locate them.

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